Unique Kitchen Hoods

When you mention Kitchen Hoods, many people will ask “why do I need a range hood”. Range hoods trap grease, remove condensation, fumes, and cooking odors. Kitchen ventilation systems have come a long way in the past 30 years or so. I remember growing up and having the harvest gold fan under the cabinet above the stove. I am not even sure if it actually vented outside. The kitchen ventilation systems should vent outside either by going up and then out or down and then out. There is also an abundance of very creative and beautiful designer kitchen extraction hoods available on the market that can actually add to the look of a kitchen.

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Under cabinet mounted range hoods are just what they sound like. They are mounted under a cabinet above the stove. There are still some available that are ductless and do not actually vent outside. They act more of a filtration system then a venting system. An under cabinet ventilation hood is a much better option. It means you will lose some cupboard space above for the vents, but it is well worth it.

They come in many styles today. You can still find those that look exactly like they did 30 years ago, but contemporary under cabinet range hoods can be curved, they can be larger and more stylish, or they can be flat or have a sleek European design.

Wall Range Hoods

Wall mounted range hoods are just what you would expect them to be. They are ventilation hoods that mounted to the wall above the stove.

There are many options available today. These take the fumes up and out.   You can find them in many styles. Most have a large chimney that can be customized and decorative.

You can buy them in the typical pyramid shape,  t-shape, flat, curved, boxy, Barrel shaped, and round. You can get inserts that can go into a custom-built designer chimney that can be made from almost any building material or you can buy some designer options that these units can fit into. You can find a customized look that can fit any kitchen style.

Ceiling Range Hoods

Ceiling mount range hoods are range hoods that mount onto the ceiling. They may be above and island or peninsula or just mounted on the ceiling above a range against the wall. Sometimes they are raised for aesthetic purposes. If this is done, they usually have to cover a larger area to be effective. These ventilation systems will take the air up and out. Again there is a great variety of styles to choose from these days. Many are quite stylish and can become the focal point of the room. You can get the large pyramid style hoods, or a flatter style pyramid style. Others have a sleek design with flat or curved glass on the canopy. There are t-shaped options, barrel shaped options, and you can even get round ones. Again you can use the inserts to go into any custom-made or designer option as well.

DownDraft Range Hoods

OK range hood might not be the best way to describe a downdraft vent. They are not actual hoods at all although they do fall into the same category. Rather than having a large hood above the stove taking air up, these systems can be quite discrete and take the air down and out. Because they are re-directing the air that is naturally going up and sucking it down instead they can be less efficient. For those that prefer to have a clear view across the room and do not want a large hood, these are a good option. Some run from front to back on the stove top while other run along the back. Some remain visible all the time as surface vents others are hidden and come up at the push of a button. The downdraft systems are great for islands and peninsulas or even in front of a window. They are rarely used along a wall but can be. They will require more depth than required for just a tradition range however.

Quiet Range Hoods

I remember when I was growing up and I would be helping mom in the kitchen. If the fan needed to be on, it meant that we wouldn’t be talking much or we would be talking loudly, because the fans were so loud. There have been huge advancement in the noise level of ventilation systems. Now you can purchase systems that are virtually silent. So when people gather in the kitchen, which is a real trend in the modern world, conversations can continue despite the need for the ventilation system being on. You don’t have to choose between greasy smelly fumes and conversation anymore. You can have it all.

Custom Designed Range Hoods

For those that want a truly unique look for their range hood, a designer can customize a look and use a built in ventilation system insert. Custom designs can be made from wood, stainless steel, various other metals, stone, tile, brick, plaster or Terracotta. The options to customize and make truly unique range hoods is limited only to the designers’ imagination.


The world of kitchen ventilation has really changed. Today you can make the hood a beautiful custom focal piece of the room or an almost invisible functional devise. They can be big and bulky or slim and sleek. The options are almost unlimited. So when you are designing your kitchen either for a build or remodel, take time to really consider what you want your vent to be and how you want it to look.


  1. Hi Laverne, this is amazing =) I never knew there are multiple kinds of Range Hoods, or maybe I was not paying attention too much. For me, before reading your article, they all look the same. But now, oh boy, I can actually differentiate them. I am really happy with your article. I’ll definitely bookmark this as I am soon about to redesign our kitchen and a range hood is definitely a fixture. Thanks again =)


    1. Hi thank you for your comment. I am glad you found the article of value. I never quite realised the variety available until I did some research.


  2. I agree that without a range hood, cooking in the kitchen becomes a big hassle. My mom wants to remodel our kitchen to increase its value but she doesn’t have enough finances. My dad suggested having custom designed range hoods and shared this article with her.


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