Copper Kitchen Sinks

This site is supposed to talk about all things for a high end kitchen. Everything but the kitchen sink sort of speak. Well I guess that is not true because I am going to talk about the kitchen sink. Right here. Right now.

Kitchen sinks have come a long way over the years. The options for design styles, shapes, material and installation methods have grown significantly. Today I want to focus on the trend of copper sinks.


Deciding If a Copper Sink Belongs In Your Kitchen

A copper sink can add pizzazz to any room. If you want to upgrade without doing major work, a copper sink will go along ways in that direction. They can come in almost any size and shape. That can be smooth and shinny, hammered, or rustic. Some can be more decorative in nature.

Getting a copper sink is not something that you should just jump into no matter how much you love the look. There are a few things you need to understand. A natural copper sink will have a “living finish”. This means that the look with change. It will evolve. If want the sink to look the same all the time and look like it did when you bought it, you are in for a nightmare. You can seal it to protect the finish, but then you require a great deal of special care to protect the seal. If you want a copper sink it is best that you embrace the idea that the look of it will change over time. Although the look changes over time, copper sinks do not rust or corrode.

Antimicrobial Copper

Fighting bacteria in the kitchen is an on going concern for many people.  Bacteria in the sink has always been a problem. Bacteria can survive for days in the sink and can cause people to get sick. Yes I know some bacteria are good, (that is another article for another site), but most of those in the sink are not the good kind. People who wash dishes in the sink or who soak vegetables (or other food) in the sink are most at risk. Copper sinks have a natural antimicrobial feature. Bacteria can only survive a couple of hours on copper. This only works for natural copper sinks however. If you put a finish on your sink to maintain the new-look, you may lose this advantage.

Best Quality Copper Sinks

Copper sinks can be pricey, but you want to avoid going cheap. If you find one on a great sale, then great, but make sure you are getting quality. If the copper is a low grade, or low gauge, it may dent or warp. You don’t want your sink doing either of these things becauseit will be expensive to replace or repair. Make sure you are getting a higher gauge of copper in the sink.

How to Clean a Copper Sink

If you are OK with a living finish on your copper sink, then water and mild soap are all you need. Acidic foods may cause a lighter spot, but it will disappear in a few weeks. If you want to keep the new finish your are in for a lot of work. Do not use harsh chemicals regardless. You can apply a wax to help protect as well, but again, I think it is best just to go with the natural living finish.

Copper Sink Designs

Copper sinks come as drop-in mounted, under mounted, or and apron or farmhouse sinks. They also come as a single basin (square, rectangle, or some unique shapes), double basin (equal size or 2 different sizes) or triple basin (usually two larger sinks and middle smaller prep sink).

This farmhouse apron style single bowl hand crafted copper kitchen sink with scroll design is a charming example of what a copper sink might look like.
35'' Hammered Copper Kitchen Apron Single Basin Sink with Scroll Design






This  antique copper farmhouse sink with  its slanted front gives a contemporary look going well with sleep modern decor. This sink is handcrafted with recycled copper.

Native Trails CPK290 Zuma Copper Kitchen Sink&44; Antique Copper


This hammered copper triple basin sink is a perfect example of a triple basin sink. This is a fairly basic example. You can find more decorative designs as well.

Premier Copper Products KSP4-KTDB422210 42 in. Copper Hammered Kitchen Triple Basin Sink with Spring Pull Down Faucet







This double basin under mount antique copper sink is an excellent example of a double sink. You can find a variety however, some with equal sizes, some with different sizes. You can get a double basin in drop-in, under mount, or farmhouse apron style.

Native Trails CPK275 Cocina Duet Copper Kitchen Sink&44; Antique Copper

This antique hammered copper kitchen single basin sink is an excellent example of a drop-in or under mount sink. Single basin sinks can come in drop-in, under mount, or farmhouse apron style. They also come in many sizes and shapes.

Premier Copper Products KSB33199 33 in. Antique Hammered Copper Kitchen Single Basin Sink


A copper sink can make a beautiful addition to any kitchen. They can come in all shapes and sizes, contemporary to Victorian, and in various finishes. They can be very easy to maintain, unless you want to keep that just new finish. Next time you are upgrading or building a kitchen. Keep copper in mind as a possible option for your sinks.





  1. Beautiful Sinks.

    It is wonderful to see the beauty that can be added to the home.

    Antimicrobial Copper is an answer to safety in the kitchen. Although presently I do not own a copper sink this really sparked my interest.

    Health is something we must work at all the time. Certainly this commonplace in a home is a place to take precaution.

    How long have you had one?


    1. I had one in my last home.  I loved it.  I recently moved to a new city in a different province.  I am just renting until I find the right place, but I miss the copper sink.  I can’t wait to get another one.


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