10 Ways to add the Deep Blue Design Trend to your Kitchen

Looking at design trends for 2018 there are many great trends coming in the new year. Deep blue is a definite trend this year and is anticipated to be a big trend next year. There are many ways to bring this design trend into your kitchen. Here I am going to go over 10 great ways to bring the Deep Blue trend into your kitchen.

1. Deep Blue Kitchen Appliances

Colored appliances are back in style again, but don’t worry it is not 1972. They have come a long way from the harvest gold and olive green of the 70s. Today’s colors are elegant, stylish, modern, and utterly beautiful. Here is an excellent example. This fantastic Majestic freestanding range with copper trim is not only beautiful but is an excellent way to add deep blue to your kitchen. This range is available at Appliance Connection and is available in other colors as well.
UM-906-DMP-BL-C 36Click here to learn more about this range.

If the link for the individual range above does not work, click here instead.

2. Deep Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are a significant part of every kitchen. There are so many incredible options out there today. The glossy sleek European look is very trendy these days. These beautiful deep blue glossy cabinets from Luxuria Kitchen and Bath are a fantastic example of this trend. These cabinets are as functional as they are beautiful and luxurious. With these cabinets you can create that sleek European Look that is very popular today as well as add the deep blue look that is all the rage today.Click on this link to learn more about these cabinets.

3. Deep Blue Granite Tiles

Granite are still a very popular option in kitchens because they are beautiful, durable, and versatile. This Blue Imperial Granite can be a great flooring option or backsplash. It can also work as a counter top edge. Granite are known for their durability and versatility. This tile can add beauty and elegance into your kitchen as well as being a great way to bring deep blue into your kitchen. I found this tile at BuildDirect. Click on this link to learn more Pearl Blue Cobalt Granite Tile.

Click here to learn more about this tile.

4. Painted Back Glass Backsplash

Painted glass back splashes can give a very clean elegant look to any kitchen and can be a great way to get the popular deep blue look to your kitchen. Although this picture is not in blue, you can customize the color and create the look you want. Quantum Glass is an excellent provider for painted back splashes.

Click on this link to learn more about painted glass backsplashes.

5. Blue Kitchen Backsplash Tile

A backsplash is a great way to customize any kitchen and a good option to bring the deep blue look into your kitchen. This eye-catching blue porcelain tile with it is sleek curves and soft tones can bring an elegant look to your kitchen. You can bring deep blue into the kitchen with a blue porcelain backsplash. This beautiful blue tile was found at Hominter.

Click on this link to visit the site to learn more about this tile.

6. Blue Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer

If you want the deep blue look but don’t want to do a major renovation or you are looking for additional little pieces to match the blue in your kitchen, this mixer could be an option. This is a high end quality mixer that can do more than just mix. With the Kitchenaid Artisan series you can get many colors, but the blue is the trend today. This mixer was found at Compact Appliances.

Click on this link if you want to learn more about this mixer. 


7. Blue Cookware Set

Cookware can add some color and interest to you kitchen. This set of Paula Deen cookware set is a stylish functional way to add deep blue to your kitchen. This is a quality aluminum set that heats quickly and evenly to better control cooking. This cookware set was found at Cookware Outlet.

Click on this link to learn more about this cookware.

8. Blue Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware has always been a way to bring color and interest to the kitchen and dining area. This Blue dinnerware set is a functional, stylish and elegant way to bring the deep blue trend into your kitchen. This set of dinnerware was found on Amazon.
Click on this link if you would like to learn more about this dinnerware

9. Blue Kitchen Rug

How about a luxurious rug for your kitchen. Using rugs as a design element in a room and to add style, color, and uniqueness to a room is not a new trend. This beautiful rug would add some elegance to any room and would be a great way to bring deep blue into your kitchen. This Persian style rug that can a warm glow to any room, so why not your kitchen.

Click this link if you would like to learn more about this rug

10. Blue Dining Chairs

Chairs are another way to bring color and uniqueness to a room. They can be a significant design element. These parsons chairs can add an element of class to your kitchen and bring in an element of deep blue. This style can work well with traditional or contemporary decor. These chairs were found at Amazon.
Kinfine Parsons Classic Dining Chair, Navy Blue / Lattice Cream (Set of 2)



Deep Blue has become a major design trend and is expected to be a hot trend in 2018 as well.  There are many ways that you can bring this great trend into your home.  Whether you are looking for a major design changes or or minor touches, there is a solution to bring this trend into your kitchen.







  1. Oh my! How gorgeous all these kitchen ideas are! So alive and beautiful. I really like the blue oven. Are the prices higher because of the process of putting on these colors?
    So many thanks for giving me loads of ideas. I really enjoyed how thorough this article is.
    Do you think the idea of colors will continue to grow in popularity?
    In peace and gratitude, ariel


  2. I love deep blue! Been thinking about remodeling the kitchen & this is quite helpful! Thanks for letting us know what the newest trends are going to be!


  3. I like the layout of your site. I always have a hard time when viewing home ideas of being able to visualize the individual pieces before putting them together.


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